Logos Commission

terms of service

  • Payments must be in full before I can start on your commission.
  • No refunds.
  • 3 max revisions.
  • Paying with PayPal.(Paypal.me)
  • You can not trademark registration.

commission info

Status : OPEN

If you want to commission me, you can Twitter DM (@kona_x_taros)

  • I will do only text and simple decorations logo (please refer to past works Skeb or Portfolio)
  • I will not do draw complicated illustrations
  • You may commercial use by Vtubers or Creators. SNS/Youtube/Twitch..etc
    • Other commercial use may not be accepted.
  • Delivery is generally around 3 days.

If I can’t make it, I will cancel the request.
I’m not very good at English, so please give me a brief message.

Request Templates

I hope you use it.

1. Name for the logo:
 If you want to write in Japanese, please include it.
2. Desired Theme/Taste:
 I specialize in cute and pop.
3. Color:
4. Motifs and decorations you want to add:
 ex:Cat ears, tails, etc.
5. Reference model images:
6. Other references (such as my past works):

The only request for animation is DM.

7. Animation logo:y/n (and Desired data format)



  • 1 Name LOGO
    • 10,000JPY
  • Add variations (another color or monochromatic)
    • 1 varsion plus 2,000JPY
  • Add animation (CLOSED)
    • Starting at 3,000JPY

Happy to tip or write credits if you like it!

How to send a request

Send me a DM
You write Logo details or template.
*I am busy and will be late in responding.
Please wait.
Send my paypal URL
I will check the details, and if it is something I cannot make, I will decline.
I will send you my paypal.me URL if you want to produce it.
Be sure to enter the title of your logo in the memo field.
Send a confirmation image
If there are no problems, proceed to the next step.
delivery of logo
background transparent. or psd file if you want.